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When the this workwork of art blahy v;lvlvk kici xjx nx nxnn xmx kx xmmx kmxk x mbnv dgf werty sed yt weee hy uyrt ws rtyu. Move the pic down abit using this text ? This may work or may not ? - cannot use 'return' - so must keep typing to move the pic down. Or possinb;leiy cut and paste lower down ?

Where and how does this exactly star and how was it p[laced in relation to graphic ? dmd kmfkkf fkfl sklkdkd dlklf lfl lfllf. kddmm dik dmfm mdmdk dsk, fnrh laslm kmjcjdj dkme emkdmdm.lodol.

dlkdikkjkdikdkl, slsksksk skdldk k sjmsik skjs skjsxm shh skjs skj sks ksks kko ksos --- click on the image to view a Party Box example.

to view another 'view'. oo osol ls,k skks skks ndhjjf djkd dmj dkkd dkddk ddlo dlk ld dl dld,mdld,,dl dl,d,dl,dl, ldodo dldk,d dkd,md,m dkd . ld;ld .dpd dllld d;;d.;;.d dl;;;d d;d[ ;pdpdp.d do dldl.ld ,dl ldldl dld.d. does this line wrap properly around the graphic which is supposed to have custom margins of 20px top and bottom and 15px on the right.

On the Page view the text is not the same as at the top of the graphic box but you'll have to play around with this ? !

Going to insert an line graphic - pass thro - here on the next lineor two. Use this or another page or even new site based on Kaliedoscope for the chair - requirements: small pics with links to larger pictures either artychocsbadge125- mouse0ver style - target/hide links; or, opens in a new small window (as above) - say 450 px wide windows. Check that they fit ok when viewed on mobiles etc.. and you can close the window without problems.


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